Apollo Middle School Chiller Retrofit

Scope: Full 250 ton chiller replacement including re-pipe and pump motors
Services: Mechanical, Piping, Plumbing

Project Value: $ 600,000.00


Winkelman Gym Conversion

Scope: Removed existing 4 evaporative coolers and installed one new 20-Ton gas pack and new duct for gymnasium

Project Value: $ 422,000.00


Emerson Elementary School Cooling Tower Replacement

Scope: Replacement of the cooling tower, concrete bases, I beams with comparable unit. Sandblasted and cleaned the pipes & epoxy coat, connected all electrical and ancillary controls.

Project Value: $ 152,000.00



Joseph City High School HVAC Improvements

Scope: Demolish existing pumps, drain hydronic system, install new Heat Exchangers and Air-Dirt Separators. Extend existing concrete pad by 6″. Establish current water flows and pressure drop through existing heat exchangers.

Project Value: $ 130,000.00


Chandler High School Underground Piping

Scope: 15000 foot underground supply and return underground piping
Services: Engineering, underground piping

Project Value: $ 888,000.00


Pima College Multizone  Retrofit

Scope: Full 8 zone unit replacement includeing re-pipe and pump motors
Services: Engineering, Mechanical, Piping, Plumbing

Project Value: $ 325,000.00