When considering a new mechanical or piping project from scratch you want to make sure you are using every resource available to insure a successful result. By using Uni-Tech’s one stop shop resources and experience we will help you produce solutions that take into consideration your entire project from start to finish.

When it comes to replacing an older mechanical system or piping the best way to maximize your budget dollars is by finding equipment that can match up with the old one. It’s called finding the same footprint of the equipment you are looking to replace. We can help discuss the following six items and create a checklist for consideration with the desire of saving you time and money..

1. Same Footprint Replacement

When looking to upgrade a mechanical system it’s important to understand what you currently have and what gives you the best retrofit results. For example, replacing an A/C unit, chiller, boiler or cooling tower with a newer like footprint piece of equipment can save you time and money with regard to utilizing the same electricity, foundation, piping, plumbing and more.

2. Performance & Technology

The changes that can happen in technology and performance in a 10 to 15 year period when it comes to equipment is amazing. Mechanical technology has achieved tremendous progress with equipment and those systems that support their operation such as controls and variable frequency drives  To remain competitive manufacture’s continually work to create energy saving mechanical opportunities with better performance standards. Taking the time to understand your options will provide the solutions needed to make sure your decisions are the right ones.

3. Feasibility

Because buildings are constantly changing their facility systems to meet the needs of their occupants it is important understand what is demanded and what your options are. Feasibility should be the balance between your occupants the systems needed to provide a comfortable environment for positive performance..

4. Maintenance

your first goal is to be pro-active when it comes to replacing your current equipment is to understand how it operates and what maintenance it takes to keep it working under factory recommendations. Once you understand these items you can then make decisions based on increasing new equipment life-cycle performance with a desire for reduced maintenance. Remember that time saved is money saved.

5. Understanding The Entire Project

In any retrofit project it’s important to understand how the system you are replacing interacts with all those other variables that are affected by the change. The benefit of a retrofit is that many of these concerns can remain the same but with that said make sure you take into consideration your best advantage in making the overall system performance the best it can be.

6. Know Your Building Envelope

A retrofit or replacement project gives you the opportunity to understand what engineering was designed to support your building and what can be done to improve it. It’s the perfect time to take into consideration what your occupants desire and whether or not their concerns can be achieved. A happy tenent will allow you to spend your maintenance time where it is needed most.